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Kite Surfing requires several pieces of gear and equipment. Primarily, you need to have an inflatable kite and a board. A kite is used to move you while being attached to a board. In managing a kite, control devices are needed, as well as release systems which play a big role in ensuring your safety.

The constant innovation and development when it comes to Kite Surfing equipment have made the sport safer and more convenient, attracting more and more people to try it out. In this section, take a closer look at the different pieces of gear and equipment that make Kite Surfing possible.

Kites Kites
The Kite is the most visible piece of equipment in this sport. Get familiar with the different kinds and sizes of Kites and learn the factors to consider when buying one.

Kite Surfing Boards Kite Surfing Boards
Wakeboards, water skis, windsurfing boards, and even do-it-yourself boards can be used in Kite Surfing. In this section, know the different features of kitesurf boards and learn what type suits your needs.

Kite Surfing Control Devices Kite Surfing Control Devices
Control Devices allow a kite surfer to directly manage the kite and fly it within the Wind Window. There are different kinds of Control Devices used in this sport. Get to know them all here.

Kite Surfing Safety Release Systems Kite Surfing Safety Release Systems
Release Systems play a major part in ensuring your safety. In this section, know the different types of Safety Release Systems and understand how they work.

Kite Surfing Control Bar Kite Surfing Control Bar
A Control Bar is the solid metal which is connected to the kite through the lines. This indispensable part of your equipment is used to steer the kite in clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Kite Surfing Harnesses Kite Surfing Harnesses
The kite harness is an integral part of your Kite Surfing equipment. Without it, your kite would be harder to control and tricks will be difficult to execute.

Kite Surfing Lines Kite Surfing Lines
Your Kite Surfing Lines connect you to your kite. But there are several things that you have to consider before you get one. Read this article for more information.

Kite Surfing Apparel Kite Surfing Apparel
Aside from having the right equipment, make sure that you are wearing clothes which are suitable for Kite Surfing and that you are prepared for almost any type of weather.

Kite Surfing Tools & Accessories Kite Surfing Tools & Accessories
Protecting yourself and your gear is very important. Here are several devices and accessories that a serious kite surfer needs to help ensure safety.

It pays to know the essentials of each piece of equipment used in Kite Surfing. Using the appropriate ones can make a huge difference in ensuring your safety. Moreover, it will be a lot more enjoyable and exciting if you do not have to deal with gear-related problems that will force you to go back to the shore. We hope that these sections will give you a good headstart in getting familiar with your gear and equipment.
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